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Stephen: A Soldier of the Cross (Book Recommendation)

Would you be willing to stand for your faith when Christians are literally being hunted down and killed? This is the reality that the early church faced in the months following Jesus’ crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension.

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The Characters

Stephen: A Soldier of the Cross by Florence Morse Kingsley is the thrilling sequel to Titus: A Comrade of the Cross. Many of the previous characters show up within its pages, as well as many new ones. In Stephen the characters of the book of Acts become even more real to the reader. History and fiction are masterfully woven together to create an enthralling adventure and mystery. You may know who Stephen and Mary are, but who is the boy with a blind sister in the desert? And can this Jesus they have heard about really heal her of her blindness?

The Setting

Throughout the story you will be taken from the barren desert, to the High Priest’s dark chambers, to the upper room at Pentecost, to the dismal prison, to the road to Damascus. In each place you will see God’s hand at work to fulfill His plan to spread the gospel and bring souls to salvation.

At every turn people must make decisions that may cost them everything. Will Anna risk the wrath of her husband, who is already mad with guilt and anger? Will the apostles continue to

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preach in spite of the threats of the religious leaders? Will Stephen stay faithful when it seems his life is increasingly sought by those who hate the believers?

I highly recommend this novel to anyone who wants to be inspired and challenged to live for the gospel’s sake. The author herself writes in the preface:

Surely in these days, when the imagination hurries to and fro on the earth, delving amid

all that is low and evil and noisome for some new panacea wherewith to deaden, if only

for a moment, the feverish pain in the hearts of men, it were a good thing to lift up the

eyes of the soul to the contemplation of those days when the memory of the living

Jesus was yet fresh in the hearts of His followers; when His voice still echoed in their

ears; when the glory of the cloud which had received Him out of their sight lingered

with transfiguring splendour on all the commonplace happenings of their daily lives;

when the words, “Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end,” meant a living presence

all comforting, all powerful. (Page 4)

Stephen: A Soldier of the Cross is a part of Lamplighter Publishing’s “Epic Collection”, and can be purchased here.

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