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Titus: A Comrade of the Cross (Book Recommendation)

Updated: May 15, 2023

There are some stories in the Bible that have details that are not filled in, and we are left to

imagine just what might have happened. Titus: A Comrade of the Cross takes us on an


exciting journey, imagining what the lives many Bible characters during the time of Jesus may have been like. Written in 1894 by Florence Morse Kingsley, Titus won $1000 in a contest for being a story that would set a child's heart on fire for Jesus Christ. The demand for this book was so great that an additional 200,000 copies had to be printed in six weeks. It is my favourite historical fiction book!

book and map

Titus is full of adventure, mystery, and faith. The High Priest and his wife whose infant son went missing, the boy who was crippled by his father, the mother who lives in fear and guilt because of a hidden past, the beloved rabbi from Nazareth, the fisher boy who longs to do what is right, and many others will capture your heart. This story takes place in the biblical cities of Capernaum and Jerusalem, mainly. It is rich in historical facts, and will open your eyes to the lifestyle of first-century Jews.

This novel will fascinate you with its many plots twists and surprising discoveries. The story comes to head at the cross of Jesus where you will see once and for all the amazing love of our Lord. The author herself writes:

To the readers of Titus, I would say a word in regard to the book. Its purpose will, I hope, be evident to all. It is to present the life of Jesus upon earth in such a way as to give a fresh interest to the "old, old story" to bring the Jesus of nearly nineteen centuries ago into our lives to-day -- a real, living Jesus, as tender, as loving, as thoughtful of his children who are upon earth now, as he was with the dwellers in Palestine. (page 297)

I would highly recommend this novel to you and your family, as well as its sequel, Stephen: A Soldier of the Cross (review to come later). You can purchase this book from Lamplighter Ministries here: .

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