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Weekly Verse - Romans 15:11-13

As we continue in our study on the theme of "Abounding," I want to look at these few verses that apply very directly to us.

"There shall be a root of Jesse, and he that shall rise to reign over the Gentiles; in him shall the Gentiles trust..."

The "root of Jesse" here is Jesus Christ, the promised redeemer of Israel. And yet we see that He is not only identified as that, but also as the King over the Gentiles. I love these verses because I see myself very clearly in them! I am a Gentile, and I am so glad that God sent the Messiah not only to the Jews, but the Gentiles also. When the Apostle Paul penned the words "In him shall the Gentiles trust" a couple thousand years ago, I was included in that statement. I am a Gentile who has trusted Him for salvation.

"...Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing..."

Our God is the God of hope. It saddens me to think that many people have a misconception of God as a faraway being who is severe or eager to make our lives miserable. That is not the case at all! We have a very personal God who gives us hope in a world darkened by our own sin. We have a God who laid down his life for us. Believing in Jesus does not only guarantee us a place in heaven someday, but it also brings us joy and peace now.

"...that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost."

When we believe in the God of hope, then we too are filled with hope. We see clearly in this verse that this hope is a direct result of our faith. When you have a strong faith that God will fulfill His promises, then you abound in hope, because God has such amazing promises for believers: forgiveness, salvation, His steadfast love, His enduring presence, eternal life, and so much more! As missionary Adoniram Judson once said, "The future is as bright as the promises of God."

We can live this year abounding in hope through our faith in Jesus--the God of hope. This week, spend time thanking God for His joy, peace, and hope that He gives you. Live by faith, abounding in hope!

In Christ,


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Jan 11

Thank you for this encouragement! Romans 15:13 is one of my fav verses, because I have lived it. After my Mom was taken to Heaven, God helped me in my grief. He enabled me to believe His promises & trust. Though my heart was shattered, he gave peace and joy. The Holy Spirit enabled me (and still does) to abound in hope knowing God cares, is acquainted with our griefs, and has given us the promise of Heaven. I know for certain I will see Mom again, and I have the hope of His nearness in this journey no matter what happens.❤️

Jan 18
Replying to

Thank you for sharing your testimony. Praise the Lord for His joy, peace, and hope! God bless you!

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