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Weekly Verse - May 28th

Acts 19:20

Throughout the month of May we have been studying the book of Acts and what the early believers did for the gospel’s sake. I believe our verse for this week summarizes the events of Acts well. In every chapter we see the gospel being spread, prevailing over sin and transforming lives. Today I want to review over two main things the early believers did in order to further the gospel so that it could grow and prevail.

They let the Holy Spirit guide them.

The book of Acts begins with the ascension of Jesus Christ. The very last thing that He says to the disciples is this: “but ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” (Acts 1:8) This is the mission that we see being accomplished throughout the entire book of Acts, but what happened to empower them was the Holy Ghost coming upon them. Immediately after the Spirit was given, we see Peter, who denied Jesus three times, stand up and boldly preach. Three thousand people were saved that day (Acts 2:41). In Acts 8 we see Philip going into the desert to preach to one man because the Spirit told him to (vs. 29). In Acts 10 Peter was led by the Spirit to go with Cornelius’ servants in order to preach to Cornelius and his family and friends (vs. 19-20). In Acts 16 we see the Spirit stopping Paul from going to Bithynia because he was supposed to go to Macedonia (vs. 7-10). At every step we see the apostles following the Holy Ghost’s direction to the places where the word of God would grow and prevail.

They were focused on what matters eternally.

In many of the cities they visited, the apostles were famous, and could have used their influence to gain a following or riches. Instead, they chose to stay humble, keeping their eyes on eternal things. In Acts 8 they were offered money by a man who wanted to “buy” the Holy Spirit (vs. 18-19), and Peter rebuked him harshly. In Acts 14 the people of Lystra were convinced that Paul and Barnabas were incarnated pagan gods after Paul healed a crippled man (vs. 8-18). They both immediately corrected them, preaching the true God to them instead. The apostles always sought to preach the gospel every chance they had. They never took up offerings for themselves, they never asked for earthly things: they were solely focused on reaching the souls of men with the gospel because they knew that was the only thing that would last once they entered eternity.

I hope that you were inspired as you studied the Acts of the Apostles this past month. Let us remember that the God of the apostles is our God today. The Holy Spirit that filled the apostles can fill us now. May we allow the Spirit to guide us, and may we be focused on eternal things this week, and every week. Jesus lives today and is eager to work His will in you if you will surrender your life to live for the gospel’s sake. Let the word of God grow and prevail in your life.

Your sister in Christ,


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