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May Reading Challenge - Acts

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

A new month is upon us! I would like to invite you to study the New Testament book of Acts with me during the month of May. The full name of this book is 'The Acts of the Apostles", and it is full of accounts of the lives of early Christians who lived for the gospel's sake.

the challenge

The challenge we will take up is to read one chapter of Acts for twenty-eight days during the month of May, and on each of those days to identify something someone did for the gospel's sake in the passage. Below is a chart for you to fill out as you complete the challenge.

May Reading Plan
Download PDF • 2.97MB

claiming your prize

If you have successfully completed the reading challenge by the end of the month, email me ( a picture of your completed chart (be sure to include your name and email), and you will be emailed a new set of scripture screensavers/printables as a reward.

Please consider sharing this challenge with anyone else you believe will enjoy it.

Have fun!

reading plan

reading plan

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